Friday, January 11, 2008

Start spreadin' the news ...

I wouldn’t dare call myself a New Yorker. In fact, I’m new to the city. So I’m not an expert, but I am an explorer (now rejecting images of Christopher Columbus and guys in pith helmets ... who calls them pith helmets?). Anyway, I’m young. And not an investment banker, nor married to one (happily, not even close on either count ;).

Basically, what it all comes down to is that I’m trying to get the most out of the city while taking the least out of my checking account.

So if I’m already hunting down free and cheap tricks (in the non-prostitute sense, obviously), why not spread the word? I know there are others out there who cry a little inside at $12 cocktails. I feel ya (and I heart you, just like we all heart ny).

So whether it’s budget-friendly restaurants or free goings-ons, hopefully this will be helpful ... if only to my mom ... that one time she visits. And, of course, should you randomly arrive here, feel free to share your favorite haunts as well. You can even say, "hey, cheapo, my favorite haunt is ..." (see it's fun to use words normally used as verbs as nouns and vice versa, innit?).

Sorry, this ends NOW.

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