Thursday, February 14, 2008

'Not gonna write you a love song ...'

But maybe a novel?

Gotham Writers' Workshop just announced its spring class schedules for everything from Nonfiction 101 to Screenwriting and Stand-Up Comedy. And yes, even Songwriting, so maybe you could write a love song, it is Valentine's after all. Sadly, these workshops all hover around $400. Shouldn't starving artists spend their bread on ... bread?

Go to their free sample classes. You do have to register and sign in, but it never turns into a high-pressure sales pitch. Each of these free workshops is about an hour long, usually held in a neighborhood Barnes & Noble or what-have-you. They're led by actual Gotham teachers whose enthusiasm for instructing freeloaders seems, based on my limited experience, to vary. The advice of Janice Erlbaum (author of Girlbomb and the newly released Have You Found Her) I remember came across as accessible and helpful for any writer, even though she focuses on memoirs.

A spattering of sci-fi crazies and cat ladies do attend, but mostly it's a mix of people just looking to get their creative juices flowing or trying to figure out if they're serious enough for the next step, which I guess is paying for class.

It's funny how in college I had no problem skipping class and now I scour the city for any sort of education I can afford. I've even started watching the History Channel ... am I old?

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