Saturday, January 19, 2008

Black20 friends ...

We went to Black20's first live show Thursday night at the UCB Theatre -- but probably only 20% of it was live. When they actually performed it was awesome. Most of the time, though, they just showed their videos, which are also awesome, just not worth the $5 as I can see them for free online without venturing out into sleet.

But it has to be said, despite the rain/snow they packed the place, so no doubt they'll be back on the sched soon.

Their opening song is still stuck in my head. Was that a four-part harmony?

Blame my background/affinity for old movies, but I loved that their sketch of an Us Weekly newsroom meeting brought back that "hey-a boss, I gotta story that's gonna knock your socks off" archetype.

Their James Bond was on the money, too. I could go on, but like I said you can see most of it for yourself! For a taste, check out Black20 News and their virals.

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