Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A (Trippy) Night at the Museum

The last thing I'd expect from the American Museum of Natural History is a rave party. Set to a soundtrack of Moby and David Bowie. With a light show.

Every Friday and Saturday night at 7:30, the museum opens up its Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center to an early bird crowd for SonicVision, a weird, trippy (I know I already said that, but is there any other word? Seriously, take a gander at the video) music and light extravaganza. Actually, I think the museum says it best -- it's a "mind-warping musical roller-coaster ride through fantastical dreamspace." Yes. Bring it on.

I know you're curious too. Try it, just once, and maybe dust off those tiny glowsticks from college for the occasion. Plus, this wouldn't normally qualify for the frugal Frugle Bugle but right now there's a two-for-one coupon, bringing the price down to $7.50 each if you split the cost with your friend (or $15 if you spring for your date, you cheap bastard).

American Museum of Natural History

81st St. between C.P.W. and Columbus Ave.
Subway: C to 81st St.; 1 to 79th St.

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