Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Future guilty pleasure?

Chocolate Cake City (now with correct url) sounds like a zip code in heaven, not a sketch comedy group that performs in trendy Tribeca. But next to uncooked brownie batter that doesn't have a hope in hell of meeting an oven, it has the potential to be my next guilty pleasure.

Every other week, the troupe performs free. I haven't been yet, but based on the YouTube clips, I'm ready to dig in my heels, settle in with a beer and regress about ten years. "Proverbial Cake" is a fast-paced, "Who's on first?"-esque battle of words -- with a lot more shouting and chair-throwing. On second thought, in addition to turning back the clock I may need to morph into a pre-pubescent boy to really get my chuckles on.

Nevertheless, I'm never one to turn down a piece of cake. Especially if it's free.

The Knitting Factory
74 Leonard St. (between Church St. and Broadway)
Saturday, Jan. 19 at 7:30 p.m.
Subway: 1 to Franklin; A, C, E, N, R to Canal

They also have several shows coming up at The PIT, but frankly, we're not sure yet if they're worth $8 ... does the cake have icing?

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Chocolate Cake City said...

Hey, hey.

Sorry to bug, but you've got two Chocolate Cake City's confused: this is our site.

The other Chocolate Cake City belongs to the man who founded the troupe, and he has absolutely no association with us.

But, hey, glad you like the sketch! Come to Boston, if you want to see us. We might be coming to NY soon, too.