Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Let's go to the movies ..."

In a city where we're pushing $14 a pop for a movie ticket, not to mention gourmet-priced snacks, the hunt is on for free/cheap tickets.

Timeout New York has this "Free Flix" program where they offer a limited number of free tickets to advanced screenings of new movies. In exchange, they get your e-mail address for unlimited spam, your attention for several sponsored messages and I think there was some fine print about your soul for the rest of eternity. Nonetheless, I'd suck it up to save the nearly 14 buckaroos for an hour-and-a-half of distraction (I'm cheap).

I have to caveat that I haven't tried this out yet (this week's movie is sold out, they say to keep checking back) so I don't know how long the lines are or how obnoxious the advertisements inherent in this deal, but I'll keep an eye on it and post an update if I can - let me know if you've tried it, too.

I also have to caveat that this week's movie is Over Her Dead Body, so you may want to ask yourself if free tickets are worth it if it's for a movie you wouldn't spring for even as a rental. Your call.

On another note, if you have a Border's Reward Card (you should, it's free), Border's Reward Perks are a little-known ... well ... perk. If you buy a block of movie tickets (minimum of 8) you can get them either for $7.95 or $6.50 each. The $7.95 tix can be used at any AMC/Loews theater for any movie. If you opt for the cheaper $6.50, the same rules apply except they're not valid for the first 10 days of some films. We sprung for the $7.95 option (I know, bring around the Rolls) and have been happy so far.

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