Monday, January 28, 2008

Skip the squats, try four-square?

If your physical peak was in the third grade as the reigning queen/king of Red Rover or hopscotch, you may be jonesing for a throwback to the blacktop days. Clearly, you need to move on -- but before you do, indulge your nostalgia at Punk Rope this week.

Yes, it's truly a jump rope fitness class, but unlike the soundtrack to your glory days (did someone say NKOTB? i heart joey), the Punk Rope folks actually get you going to some decent tunes. Normally classes are set to classics like The Ramones, but this week the theme is "Get Ready for Some Football," a mock tribute to the upcoming Super spandex'ed festivities. Don't worry, the music is still at its inspirational best (Queen, Joan Jett), and you even get to try out your own touchdown dance. You know you want to.

This week is your last chance to check out Punk Rope, so "skip" (ha) the excuses. Physical exertion not much of a motivation? How about post-class happy hours? There's nothing like a night of jumping rope and slugging $2 drafts.

January 28 at the 14th Street Y
344 E. 14th St. (near 1st Ave.)
212-780-0800 x221
Free for members, $12 for non-members
Subway: L to 1st Ave.; 4, 5, 6, Q, N, R, W to Union Sq.

January 30 at the Greenpoint YMCA
99 Meserole Ave. (near Manhattan Ave.) in Brooklyn
Free for members, Free 1-time trial for non-members
Subway: G to Nassau; L to Lorimer

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