Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kanye @ AMNH? It's true

OK, just to update on an earlier post about the American Museum of Natural History's nighttime shenanigans. In addition to SonicVision, the Rose Center also hosts One Step Beyond one Friday a month. This past Friday, Kanye West made a surprise appearance! He took the stage with main act Kid Sister (whom ya'll should know for "Pro Nails"), then performed some hits off Graduation. Kudos to one of our faves, Flavorpill, for their ongoing sponsorship of the music series. Expect even longer lines at the next One Step Beyond, Feb. 29 (9 p.m.-1 a.m.).

It's $20 per, but it includes entrance to the museum later, which is normally $15 or $11 for students, so not bad.

Anyway, I just finished an overnight shift, so I gotta sleep but just wanted to post this since it's a little late anyway and I thought it was worth knowing. 'Night! ('morning?)

American Museum of Natural History
81st St. between C.P.W. and Columbus Ave.
Subway: C to 81st St.; 1 to 79th St.

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